Dating back to the early 17th century, the armoire is a stand alone wardrobe used for storage of clothes and linens. Antique armoires were the product of design detail expected by the elite at the time, often featuring ornate cornices, fluted pilasters and paneled doors.

In the early 19th century, mirrors were added to the panels enhancing the look. Armoires are most often made of hard wood including walnut, mahogany, oak and more recently pine.

Todays more modern versions include paint effects to build into a more contemporary expression of French décor, and some have been simplified in their lines and design to enable a extended use in kitchens, living areas as well as traditional bedrooms.

An Armoire has become an easy statement piece around which your décor and design can be built, as well as a practical additional storage unit be it for a drinks cabinet, extra crockery, linen or simply to keep those board games.

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Similar to the Armoires, French inspired beds and headboards date back to the 17th century where the most sophisticated designs were moulded and carved in Paris for the aristocrats and the rich upper bourgeoisie.  In the provinces, French provincial furniture retained cultural identities distinct from the metropoles and a more rustic carving style and less treated wood was used.

Beds themselves, including headboards are modernised in structure but maintain the authentism of French history.  Coupled with layered genuine french linen, and augmented with other bedroom furniture, the bed remains the feature product in a room enhanced by these smaller accessory items.

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