It’s been a long, exciting and passionate road of hard work and togetherness over the past 13 years at Le Chateau. It’s been a celebration of mother and daughter, our love for French style, our love of working together and our belief that there is no place more deserving than home.

After much deliberation in our ever changing world, we decided that the time has come to journey on and in as such we have closed our doors at LE CHATEAU at the end of March 2019.

Exclusive Chateau Collection

Our exclusive Chateau collection is still available on order basis. It’s all well made and hand carved wood and would be supplied to you in the raw to custom finish.

Please browse our online product catalogue to see the items that are available. Included in the product catalogue are pictures of some variations of finishes to give you some ideas of options and variations, which are endless. The Upholstered headboards are the same LOUIS headboard.

Please email us for more information